Ürün Detayı

Elyaf Pres


• All machine surfaces that contacts with the fiber will be manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

• Fiber is loaded to the carrier that will be inserted inside the machine. Basket will be rotated in a low speed while fiber is loaded. By this proper loading of the fiber is achieved.

• Hot water is sprayed during the loading of the fiber inside the pres to have it damped. There will be a reserve tank and spraying pump near the machine for hot water.

• Overspilled water during the pres is directed again to reserve tank to minimize the water loss.

• Pressing is performed via hydrolic press. By having plate to press all surfaces of the fiber, homogeneous pressing and more proper dyeing are achieved.

• After the press is finished, press plate and system that carry the hydrolic piston can be directed to the left or right (upon decision) to emty the area where the fiber exits.

• Fiber is taken out by lifting the chains of the carrier plate that is inserted to the bottom.

• There are two models available; single pan or double pan goat feet hydrolic press.