Product Detail

Bobbin-Fiber Dyeing Machine


• Operation pressure: 4,5 Bar

• Operation temperature: 140°C

• Cylindrical HT type tank. All surfaces in contact with bath are manufactured as AISI 316L quality stainless material. Safety hermetic cover system. It decreases water usage in air bag systems and provides ideal solutions for partial charges.

• Heating and cooling exchanger with AISI 316L quality seamless pipe. Rapid heating with the outside exchanger. Liquor ratio is decreased with cooling.

• Stainless centrifuge pump with high capacity invertor speed control is mounted near the boiler. Pump axle is beded with two bearings and has mechanical gasket that can adjust itself by a spring which doesn’t need any care. It has IP 54 protected couplin connection.

• Pneumatic direction changerfor inside-outside, outside-inside circulation.

• Pneumatic cover opening and closing

• PT100 to observe machine heat adjustment and to control heat.

• Pressure discharge valve to have the excessive pressure inside the machine out.

• Overflow washing valve to canal the excess liquor during the overflow wash.

• There is one reserve and one dye tank. There is bidirectional pump that provides water transfer in two direction between reserve and main tank and injection pump that provides chemicals from dye tank to main tank.

• Full automatic textile dyeing computer with easy usage in different brands upon request.